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History of Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd (Thailand) Co Ltd

Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd was founded here in 1991 as a growth from Hawk Mountain Ltd China by Peter Morrow of HML China and Douglas Wilde from Thailand yacht building industry. We established dominant market share and maintain it to the present day.


In addition to Choppers, Gelcoaters, and RTM machines Magnum Venus products added a full line of dispense machines for bonding materials, epoxies, and silicone. We continue to focus on parts and service training for the expanding machine sales. We have kept our same office manager Manoch Suppanich and service person Ampone thru all these years; as well as additional staff.

Main Office & Service Center

We continue to maintain the same main office in Bangkok with over 2,000 spare parts and service center in Chonburi as platform for repairs. We continue to provide the best quality FRP and dispense machines available and follow thru with easily available parts and service for the technically developing FRP and bonding needs.

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