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Specialist Equipment

From Magnum Venus Products (MVP)

Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd

Open Mold Choppers Gelcoaters

Precision and accuracy are the keys to success and these systems offer a positive displacement pump that delivers high accuracy.

Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd

Closed Mold RTM Injection System

Power, versatility, automation and unprecedented precision in two compact systems.

Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd


It all starts in the operator's hands, and these Guns will improve your bottom line and provide peace of mind.

Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd

Adhesives & Putties

Count on simple, highly accurate metering and mixing with these rugged, easy-to-clean units.

Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd

Epoxy, Urethanes & Coatings

These systems have been specifically designed to mix and dispense multiple volumetric materials.

Hawk Mountain (Thailand) Co Ltd


We have a full, comprehensive line of accessories and seals for light RTM production. Rollers, Wedges, Small Gelcoat Guns, Flex Molding and RTM Light Accessories.

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